In 2008 Ron collaborated with Fenton Glass to produce Burmese ornaments for a special production they were doing. After creating the ornaments, Ron's furnace still had some Burmese Glass left in it so he created some exclusive vases for RHG gallery. 

I found that in taking the first photograph it looks more Pinkish color was viewable around the top of the vase, but looking at the vase with the naked eye and with the photograph with my phone (2nd photo) it looks more Burmese custard with iridescent spray causing a rainbow effect.  (WHEN PURCHASING THIS VASE IT WILL LOOK MORE LIKE THE SECOND PICTURE. THE IRIDESCENT IS CAUSING A HIGH REFLECTION)

This is a simple and gorgeous piece with a red color lip wrap. 

Dimensions: Approximately 10" tall x 4" wide

Burmese Glass is a heat sensitive glass formula. That means the appearance of the glass can be changed by controlling, changing or selectively applying heat. Burmese, for example, after being blown and worked, would be entirely yellow. The pink shading was produced by partially exposing the piece to a higher temperature. The area reheated would remain shaded when the piece cooled. The process of reheating a portion of a piece to get a color change is technically called striking.