Designer Vases have been a long standing tradition at Ron Hinkle Glass. These special vases are signed, and numbered. They come with a Certificate of Authenticity card that they are a one of a kind piece. They are photographed and will be on file at the WV Museum of American Glass in Weston.

"Taking a Siesta" is numbered DV0545; creation date was 2006 (signed Hinkles with Richard Debar, Scott Meyer and Ron Hinkle as the creators)

It is Grey with green and brown "v" shape pattern this one is sprayed with iridescent on the outside of the vase giving it a shimmery reflection (which made taking the photograph a bit difficult). 

Dimensions: Approximately 12 1/4" Tall x 6" (at the widest point) The mouth opening is approximately 3"

Designer Vase : Taking a Siesta