The Eternal Flame Sculpture will be made with the colors you have chosen, and will mail back to us after your Unity Ceremony! This sculpture is 3 sided with a twisted tip at the top, which represents your union with God in your marriage. Picture this gorgeous statement piece with your colors spread through out...


  1. Consultation 
  2. Up to 4 colors of glass frit
  3. Eternal Frame(created by Ron Hinkle, from the glass frit you mail back after your wedding)
  4. Signed by Ron Hinkle with the full date of your wedding.
  5. Shipping the finished piece to you.

Each Eternal Flame will be in the colors you have chosen for your ceremony, that you mail back to us. 

Ron will be making your very own Eternal Flame by hand so each Eternal Flame will vary slightly!

Dimensions: Approximately 8 1/4" tall x 3" at the widest curve.

Eternal Flame Sculpture


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