I Speak Glass!

Introducing the RHG blog: I Speak Glass! We will discuss (you guessed it!) everything art glass. Over the next few entries we will introduce you to each member of our team. We would like this to be highly interactive for our subscribers, to do this please fb message or email us any thoughts or questions that you have about art glass include your name so that we can direct quote from you.

Almost all art glass falls into 3 main categories:

Hot Glass

Warm Glass

Cold Glass

Here at RHG we work hot glass which is hand blown, other mediums of glass come in the form of Stained, Mould Blown, Cast Glass, Lamp Worked, Fused... There are limitations in each form of glass making, like RHG couldn't make a Butterfly which would fall under the Lamp Worked category, however the possibilites in each field are endless. It is a constant learning process! (as we have all heard Ron state)

Let's get familiar with some of the basics

Quiz Time: (uh-oh I didn't know there was going to be a quiz)

1. What is glass made of?

We all know that one of the main elements is Sand, however the sand isn't just going to melt into glass without other elements included. A couple of these other elements are Limestone, and Soda Ash. (We don't mix our own elements together.) We buy bags of pre mixed "batch" to melt down.

2. How hot does this mixture have to be before it melts into a workable consistency?

(That was just on Jeopardy, j/k) To get the mixture of "batch" to melt down the furnace has to be set at 2400°. While we are working the glass we like it to be around 1900°, depending on the piece we are working with we may want it a little hotter or a little colder.

3. After watching the movie Sweet Home, Alabama can glass really be made when lightning strikes sand?

(Would you really want to try) It is a cool notion and could probably be done if all of the conditions are right. It would be very dangerous, and possibly illegal. (I'll let you do your own research on that subject)

Here is a picture of sand that has been struck by lightning... After the storm we (Heidi and her family) were out on the beach and low and behold we were tripping over these massive chunks of solid mass. Trust me it hurt when you stubbed your toe on these bad boys.

Sand struck by lightning

In our next blog post we will aquaint you with some of our common everyday terms that we use here at RHG. Until then if you have any thoughts or questions please email us...

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