Interview with Aaron Harvey

Aaron Harvey is our newest team member here at RHG. Let's find out more about him!

Q: Where did you graduate?

A: I graduated from Concord University here in West Virginia, with a Bachelor's Degree in Arts.

Q: What was it that prompted you to start blowing glass?

A: Growing up I always like working with my hands, doing hands-on projects, this made working with glass feel almost natural. My first project in Studio Arts was an installation piece, I slumped glass bottles and created a "window" like stained glass piece. Living in Beckley, WV I frequented Tamarack and saw John Desmeules blowing glass for demonstrations, he was looking for a gather boy/helper and I was able to work with him learning the basics of glass blowing while I was attending college.

Q: How long did you work at Tamarack with John, and what kind of pieces were you making?

A: I worked with John for 3 years, developing fundamental skills needed in glass blowing. I was making teardrop ring holders, and cane paperweights. (Canes are small slices of molded or bundled glass rods that have been stretched thin and cut so that the cross sections show a design)

Q: What other opportunities have you had in your glass blowing career?

A: While working at Tamarack, Mr. and Mrs. Blenko came by and watched me make a glass paperweight. They introduced themselves and had an intriguing conversation about glass blowing. A couple months later I was contacted by Dean Six to collaborate as a designer for Blenko Glass, which I did for a little over a year. While I was working on these projects Ron Hinkle approached me about relocating to Buckhannon to become a glass blower at his studio.

Q: When did you relocate and start your adventure at RHG?

A: In 2016 my wife (then fiance) and I made the move to Buckhannon, and I started working at RHG.

Q: What has been your favorite experience with RHG?

A: I love that Ron allows me to experiment with techniques in glass blowing. I have had the chance to learn more in the art of glass blowing than I otherwise would have had. I have learned mould blowing, sculpture work, how to make footed pieces.

Q: You mentioned experiment with techniques, what is your current project that you are mastering?

A: I've been able to explore the techniques of making Jellyfish Paperweights, which are coming along really well. In this picture below is one of my first attempts at making a Jellyfish encased in Crystal Glass, now I'm able to get a more definitive top on the Jellyfish, and a really distinct swirl in the tentacles.

Q: What has been a challenge for you at RHG?

A: RHG has a larger product line than what I had previously been acquainted with at Tamarack. Also gathering cores for the pieces has to be a consistent size which is all work that has to be learned and eyeballed so to speak to keep the product sizes consistent.

Q: Before we let you go, what is your favorite color to work with in glass and why?

A: Orange, someone has to love orange. Orange is a color that is bright and cheery it's also easy to see most of the time while you're working with it.

Watch as Aaron makes a glass pumpkin!

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