My Interview (Heidi Russell)

I'm not going to interview myself are you crazy! LOL My role is paramount here at RHG. Let's DIG in.... If you need anything I'm your girl! My duties include sales (in-person and online), shipping, marketing, chatting with you here, web site management, photography, inventory, checking up on Ron and Aaron, doing all aspects of bookkeeping, and everything else that pops up as I go along. Oh did I mention checking up on Ron and Aaron?! I have to keep those two in-line...

I started with RHG in April 2007, 11 years later and I'm still here. I must be doing something right. ;)

People ask me how I got this job, so here's my answer~ : I was out of work at the time, my husband saw an ad in the newspaper for a secretary at RHG, he said I should look into it, so I called made the schedule for the interview, and here I am! Don't ask me what my Title is now though...

First impression upon coming here for an interview, I think my eyes popped out of my skull. I couldn't believe ALL of the beautiful work that was here! I've always liked art (even though I never have found my cliche) I love viewing other's work. I looked around and there was so much COLOR everywhere. Was I scared to death I would break something, YES. Did I want to know the limits of glass blowing, YES. (Even though I'm not the one blowing the glass) The limits are truly what you haven't learned yet. I have absorbed the knowledge that has been given me by some great teachers! They have answered my questions with great patience. (I'm sure I push their buttons at times though)

Being the new girl there were definitely times they got me good!

One time right after I started a customer called in and asked if we had any glass that had bubbles, I asked the customer to hold so I could check on that not sure what they were meaning at the time... The guys told me No we sold out, and when I asked if they could make more they told me they were all out of Bubble Frit. (I'm thinking Bubble Frit, ok like the bubbles kids get at the store?! No it must be some type of frit like our color that you use to create bubbles) Unfortunately I told the customer we were all out of the frit used to make the Bubbles. Needless to say I had to call the customer back and explain that I was new, and didn't know any better, yes we can make products with bubbles.

(Bubbles is the process where air gets trapped in between two layers of glass. Usually created by poking the glass with a sharp tool, or with a mold, then adding more glass around it to trap the air.) It's actually a really cool process and looks awesome.

Another time I was heated up from two sides, one hot pipe was angled at me from one side and another was angled at me from another. However since I was standing next to the furnace at the time I couldn't tell which way all the heat was coming from and jumped back into the hot pipe. I didn't get burned though. Noone thought I would jump backwards...

My favorite part of the job is working with all the gorgeous COLORS, getting to help pick out color combinations! It's amazing to see how the colors work together or fight against each other. Certain colors compliment each other while others get murky and look horrible together. It's not like working with paint.

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