Are you looking for a unique idea for your wedding? Add a Unity Ceremony, that incorporates glass, to demonstrate that the newlywed couple has become one! This event is commonly performed during the vows with the bride and groom choosing to speak or stay silent, and symbolizing their unity by pouring two different color glass frit into a crystal vessel, where the frit is now a mixture of color. Return the mixture of glass color to us and we will create the piece of art, that you choose, that will become your timeless keepsake of the memorable event!


Choose the piece by clicking here that will be created to commemorate that special day! (This will be your timeless keepsake created after we receive the glass color mixture that has been poured together at the ceremony.)


Choose 2 to 4 colors to use in the Unity Ceremony! (The Bride and Groom may choose to use 2 colors, or if they are blending a family have the children participate by combining up to 4 colors. Or add a twist and have the wedding guests add a pinch of color after the wedding) Colors will be shipped in individual packets.

STEP 3: Combine the glass colors during your ceremony. (Optional pouring/display vessels are available for purchase)

STEP 4: Mail the glass mixture back to us, after the wedding, and we will create the timeless keepsake that was chosen in STEP 1.